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Global VIP Security Services Protects You and Your Family from Burglars, Stalkers, Kidnappers, Home-Invaders, Assassins, and Terrorist Attacks.

Our security staff is exclusively drawn from various State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies including combat tested Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Our security protocol is a hybrid of the United States Marine Corps Embassy Security Group Training and Readiness Manual (NAVMC 3500.98) and the U.S. Department of State Foreign Affairs Volume 12 – Diplomatic Security, Residential Security Program (RSP). We have incorporated essential modifications from both the NAVMC 3500.98 Manual and the Department of State RSP directive to interface seamlessly with our client’s needs in a civilian environment for personal, residential, and business fixed-post security.

Current global, geopolitical and socioeconomic challenges have stressed the security industry as never before. Unlike other security providers, we assess our clients’ security needs on a case-by-case vulnerability matrix. A real-time risk assessment is conducted, starting with our client’s place of birth, up to and including his/her current and/or past government or civilian position. Then, a meticulously detailed dossier of all past, current, or future threats are analyzed via our proprietary risk-assessment protocol.

Our security teams have set the gold standard in personal protection. Their previous law enforcement and international combat assignments throughout this volatile world have given them real-life security experience and expertise that cannot be replicated in the industry. Professionalism, experience, on-going training, discipline, and enthusiasm for their work make us the best security operatives in the world.

Depending on our client’s risk-level, their homes and businesses can be equipped with:

  • State-of-the-art perimeter motion-detectors with 360-degree, closed circuit video monitoring systems, including surveillance cameras and Wireless communications.
  • Safe rooms with doors, walls, floors and ceilings reinforced with bullet and bomb blast resistant materials with coatings to prevent eavesdropping.
  • Survival items (first-aid kits, water, packaged food, self-defense tools, backup generator, and even a kitchen and bathroom).
  • Secure air supply in the event of biological or chemical attack

Our USMCEP teams receive mandatory on-going security training in:

  • Intruder identification and suppression.
  • Mail bomb recognition.
  • Anti-terrorist force protection and guest-screening protocol.
  • Weapons training and monthly qualifications.
  • First-aid training, including CPR and AED certification.
  • Natural disaster planning and evacuation procedure.
  • ABC response drills (atomic-biological-chemical).
  • Ongoing liaison with city, state, and federal authorities, including international intelligence agencies.

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