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When various law enforcement agencies fail to solve crimes against persons or property due to inexperience, lack of expertise, corruption, or political constraints, victims have a second chance for resolution: Global Investigations. Since 1986, Global Investigations & VIP Security Services have provided the industry’s finest investigative and security team. Our staff of highly skilled experts, the majority of whom are former military and law enforcement professionals, has a well-documented track record of delivering professional and reliable service to a wide variety of clients. We solve unsolved crimes all over the world. No individual case is too small, and no corporate concern is too complex for our world-class team.

Al Adams Moreno and his highly skilled team have successfully closed unsolved cases worldwide, bringing to bear years of experience with every level of law enforcement. In addition to private investigative services such as surveillance, due diligence, asset search and recovery, and trace evidence identification and analysis, Global VIP Services offers businesses and individuals an impressive array of security services.

Criminal Investigations

Global Investigations has a unique approach among private investigative firms when it comes to criminal investigations. Because we are all military and law enforcement veterans, we have seen more than our share of danger, destruction, and violent crime. Every year in the United States, tens of thousands of criminal cases go unsolved, leaving the victims without care and/or justice. Contact us now to learn more about national and international investigations.

As a private entity with the experience and skills of a law enforcement body, Al Moreno and his team can focus on solving open criminal cases without the burdens of bureaucracy, political pressure, apathy, or limited funding and manpower. Our team has the creativity, the expertise, the freshness of vision, and the most up-to-date technology needed to tease new leads out of a stale case.


Our Customers Say

Ultimately one of two armed suspects exited the business employee door located directly onto the sidewalk. Our vehicles right front tire was W/B against the street-curb between the sidewalk and the business door. The armed suspect, Claude Milton (deceased) exited the door with a female employee hostage using her as a shield. Officer Moreno used the police vehicles right rear door for cover and was closest to the suspect and hostage. At one point Officer Moreno considered a head shot, however, the hostage’s position and movement made it much too dangerous to take the shot. At that precise moment a shot rang out from the left. A J-Car (Juvenile Police Vehicle) had just arrived and one of the plain clothes officers made a remarkable shot striking the suspect at which time the hostage reeled to the right and separated herself from the suspect.

– Officer Involved Shooting

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