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In order to give our current and our prospective clients confidence in the experience and skills of our top-notch team, Al Moreno has made excerpts from his outstanding LAPD record available. Throughout these testimontials, letters, and reports, one consistent message is clear: “Al Moreno can be counted on to make sound decisions.”

Los Angeles Police Department Bi-Annual Rating Report, Operation Central Bureau CRASH Classification ‘Outstanding’ Closing Date 02/29/1980, Excerpts

His tactics, in routine and stress situations, are exceptional and he utilizes other CRASH units in a team effort in order to maintain complete control. His work stamina sets an example for other less productive officers to follow. Regardless of how hectic the situation may be, Moreno never compromises completeness for speed. Officer Moreno displays particular skill when handling armed suspects, as he recovers more weapons in the field than any other CRASH officer yet has avoided involvement in an Officer-Involved Shooting.
Los Angeles Police Department Bi-Annual Rating Report, Venice Division, Classification ‘Excellent’ Closing Date 01/31/1977, Excerpts

His enthusiasm for the job motivates him to be among the top producers. Although his tenure is short, he has been teamed up with less productive officers to increase their production.
Los Angeles Police Department Bi-Annual Rating Report: Hollywood Division, Classification ‘Outstanding’ Closing Date 08/31/1977, Excerpts

Officer Moreno is one of team 63’s best Police Officers. Numerous comments in field supervisor’s logs, commendations and comments from Area investigators indicate the quality of his arrests and investigations. He is possessed with a great deal of Common Sense & street knowledge. An off duty personal complaint incurred prior to his transfer to Hollywood resulted in a 22 day suspension during the period. However, his attitude, demeanor, and performance before and after have been so superior to warrant this ‘Outstanding’ Rating.
09/29/1977 Letters to the Editor: Los Angeles Times

(Excerpt) A relative rookie has done more for the Los Angeles Police Department public relations than anything I can recall. (Greg Howell, West Los Angeles) (Excerpt) At a time when policeman’s actions in violent confrontations with suspects are being scrutinized, Moreno’s performance was a breath of fresh air. (John Scott Coen, Los Angeles)
Los Angeles Police Department Rating Report Hollywood Division, Classification ‘Outstanding’ Closing Date 12/12/1977, Excerpts

Moreno is a highly motivated young officer who exhibits a drive to excel in all assignments. He consistently makes outstanding arrests many of which are the result of excellent investigations. Recently while attempting to arrest an armed ADW suspect, he was forced to shoot the suspect in self defense. He displayed outstanding presence of mind and respect for human life by choosing to shoot him in a non-lethal area. He has also been credited with saving the life of a wounded victim when he administered CPR, an unpleasant task that some officers choose not to perform. He conducts thorough and complete investigations. His reports are a model of conscientiousness and neatness. Through his own efforts he keeps up to date on the crime patterns in his area. He has actively supported the neighborhood watch program. He is aware of his team goals and works towards their accomplishments. His appearance is consistently outstanding. He is in outstanding physical condition which he maintains through a regular work out program. He scored level five on his latest Physical Fitness Test.
Citizen Attempt Suicide by Cop, Commendation

(Excerpt) Officers Moreno & Silverstein working 6X52 rec’d a call, 415 Man w/ a Gun. Upon arrival at the scene, the officers were advised that the suspect was a Los Angeles County Deputy Coroner. Officer Moreno took up a position adjacent to a porch were the suspect was sitting and covered the suspect with a shot-gun. The suspect was wearing a heavy coat with his hands in his coat pocket holding an unknown object. The suspect advised officer Moreno that he had a gun and that he would not give it up nor would he remove his hands from his pocket. The suspect than advised Officer Moreno that he wanted to “kill a cop”, and that “He was going to take him (Moreno) with him." As Moreno was attempting to calm the suspect and get him to remove his hands, the suspect suddenly stood up and began walking towards Officer Moreno telling Moreno that he was going to kill him. As Moreno began backing away, and covering the suspect with his shotgun, Officer Silverstein moved to the porch taking a position of advantage to the rear of the suspect. Silverstein then attempted to place a control hold on the suspect and at that same time grab the hand in the pocket where the suspect claimed he had the gun. Officer Silverstein then hurled himself and the much larger suspect off the porch area, allowing other officers to assist him in controlling the suspect. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident. Officers Moreno and Silverstein are to be commended for their use of field tactics and self-restraint in a delicate and potentially dangerous situation. (Approved by Lt. Sadlier)
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 11/16/78

Officers Paige and Moreno were patrolling an active gang shooting area when they observed a susp driving through the area acting suspiciously. When the susp committed traffic violation the ofcrs pulled the susp over and while approaching the veh, obs a rifle within the veh. A search of the veh revealed the susp possessed a loaded .222 mag rifle, a loaded .38 cal revolver, a Billy club, a set of steel bolas and a switchblade knife. This susp was definitely ready for combat and his record indicated that he had served time in prison for murder. Both officers are to be commended for their keen observations, attention to duty and tactics used while apprehending this heavily armed susp. (Reporting Sup. Sgt, Noetzel)
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 08/19/79

(Excerpt) Officers Moreno Hart & Harrell – officers recovered a sawed-off .22 cal rifle from underneath the center rear folding seat. The rifle was a Philadelphia stolen. The suspect was a Hardcore Dog-Town gang member. (Approving Sup. Lt. Lynch)
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 09/04/79

(Excerpt) Officers Moreno and Portillo were monitoring the “Lil Eastside” gang area due to a recent gang related shooting in the area. Officer’s obs’d two suspects exiting between two buildings in the area of the recent shooting; one of the suspects dropped a loaded .22 cal revolver to the ground. Both suspects were arrested and one of the suspects had a holster and .22 cal bullets in his pocket. It should be noted that this makes three arrests for three guns that Officer Moreno has made of gang members in the past two weeks. (Approving Supervisor Sgt. Noetzel)
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 09/21/79

(Excerpt) Officers Moreno and Florez were patrolling “LiL Eastside” when they observed a lone gang member walking and observed him remove a .25 cal from his waistband and throw it to the ground. The suspect was arrest for possession of a gun. The gun was taken in a Bakersfield Burglary. (Approving Supervisor Lt. Lynch)
Arrest of Wanted Attempt Murder Suspect Commendation, 12/04/79

In this arrest Ofcr. Moreno had taken the Attempt Murder suspects brother into custody for an unrelated crime. Ofcr. Moreno called the suspects parents and persuaded them to surrender their other son into custody to prevent a possible volatile arrest situation in the field. The suspect confessed to the shooting and was sent to prison. (Approving Sup. Det. States)
15.02 Accumulation of Four Incident Report

(1) Arrest of a GTA suspect (2) Arrest of a gang member w/a gun (3) Arrest of a Gang Member with a Rifle (4) Arrest of an Armed Gang Member.). (Approved by George A. Morrison, Commander)
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 04/06/80

Ofcrs Moreno and Menzel upon receiving information from another CRASH unit regarding a shooting in Northeast area properly responded to a known gang hang-out. Ofcrs are to be commended for arresting an ADW suspect and recovering the gun involved in the crime. (Approved by Lt. Lynch)
Six Murder Suspect Arrest Commendation, 04/18/80

(Excerpt) On April 17, 1980, Ofcrs Moreno and Brinker rec’d a call of a gang related drive-by shooting by “Lota Mara” gang from East L.A. had taken the life of a VNE gang member father. Ofcrs investigation revealed the shooting was in retaliation for a prior gang homicide in E.L.A. for which the VNE member currently was on trial. Upon receiving the above information, Ofcrs Moreno and Brinker contacted ELASO and determined the possible identity of the suspects and their veh. Ofcrs arrested six suspects and recovered the involved veh. One of the suspects arrested was the brother of the diseased “Lota Mara” gang member and had vowed revenge on the VNE member. A subsequent investigation netted the 30.30 cal carbine described as the 187 PC weapon. (Approved by W/C Sgt. Spitzer)
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 06/28/80

(Excerpt) Ofcrs stopped the veh and found a loaded sawed-off shotgun on the floorboard with three expended shotgun shells on the floor. The shotgun barrel was warm to the touch. (Approved by Sgt. Mazur)
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 07/13/80

Officers Moreno and Menzel received information from a police broadcast of a suspect and his vehicle wanted for attempt murder. The shooter yelled out “Clover” during the crime. Ofcrs searched known Clover gang hangouts and arrested the suspect with his firearm. (Approved by Sgt. Noetzel)
Los Angeles Police Rating Report, Operation Central Bureau CRASH Classification ‘Outstanding’ Closing Date 08/31/1980, Excerpts

Few of Moreno’s arrests are ordinary. Officer Moreno views stressful situations as challenging and enjoyable. He responds to major field incidents without hesitation and immediately takes charge if appropriate. His self confidence and command presence ensures complete control, and his ability to instruct others and gain full cooperation results in a successful investigation and conclusion of the incident.
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 09/09/80

On 12-19-80 Officers Moreno and McCorkle recovered two guns on two separate incidents. At 2040 hrs the ofcrs were interviewing gang members at 100 N. Utah when they sighted a loaded .45 cal auto pistol inside a vehicle. The weapon was booked as evidence. At 2345 hrs Ofcrs affected a traffic stop in the El Sereno area. During this investigation the Ofcrs recovered a .45 cal. Auto. An investigation made it possible to arrest two susps for possession of the firearm. (Approved by Sgt. Kennerson) Note: In this deployment period Officer Moreno with various partners arrested thirteen hardcore gang members with guns in thirteen days in a row, without becoming involved in an Officer Involved Shooting.
Between the dates of December 22, 1979, and January 1980, Off Duty Aid to Citizen Attacked by 4 Knife-Wielding Suspects & Arrest of three

Between the date 22, and January 1980, Officer Moreno was on Injured on Duty (IOD) status from a broken right hand he had sustained while arresting a group of “Diamond Street” Gang-member in the Rampart Area. One night while off duty Officer Moreno was driving home and stopped S/B on Alameda Street at 6th Street; it was sometime after 12 midnight and there was no traffic in the area. At this time a lone Hispanic male ran into the center of the intersection being pursued by four Hispanic suspects armed with knives. The suspect was repeatedly stabbing the victim. Faced with the obvious death to the victim, officer Moreno armed himself with his 2” off duty .38 Cal revolver and approached the attempt murder suspects. The suspects paused their attack and the victim fall to the street from loss of blood. The four suspects then bolted N/E through some buildings. Officer Moreno then started administering first-aid to the victim at which time a lone LAPD vehicle approached the scene. Officer Moreno identified himself and radioed for an rescue ambulance and put out a crime broadcast. Three of the four suspects were apprehend in the area. All of this was accomplished with out firing a shot.
A letter of commendation to the Department from a grateful family on Christmas Eve, 01/28/81

Gentlemen: The purpose of this letter is to act as a “Letter of Appreciation” to the Los Angeles Police Department, in particular Officer Moreno and his partner. On Dec. 24, 1980 Christmas Eve, my family and I were traveling to Orange County to visit my folks who we haven’t seen for a year. We were traveling on the I-5 when our car ceased to function. We attempted to find help so we exited at Boyle Heights (Hollenbeck District) and found ourselves stranded in a gas station at nightfall. After failing to find any assistance in that area we began calling tow companies. It was at this time we saw Officer Moreno frisking five suspects at the same station. After he completed his duties he took the initiative and effort to drive over to where we were parked to advise us of the potentially dangerous spot we were in. After telling him we could not even drive up on the freeway and had no luck in obtaining a tow. He radioed in for a AAA tow truck (which I am not a member of) since they would furnish the officer with an ETA. About this time it was getting dark and my wife and children were very upset. It seems that we had all the right elements the neighborhood could use, a nice car, full of Christmas presents, luggage, money, and a blond wife. Officer Moreno decided to stay until the tow truck arrived. During this time Officer Moreno had to perform other police duties (searching suspects) which he performed in a very professional manner.While later being very courteous to my family during our wait for the tow truck. This was not the end though, when the tow truck arrived the driver was not to keen on the idea of towing us to Buena Park on Christmas Eve. Officer Moreno convinced the driver that this would be in the best interest of my family and the situation at hand. Officer Moreno and his partner’s efforts, for which they should be commended, helped avoid what could have been the worst Christmas Eve of our lives. In retrospect my family and I greatly appreciate the professional courtesy afforded us by the Los Angeles Police Department and in particular Officer Moreno and his partner. Much thanks, Lee Sanna and family
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 05/16/81

On 5-16-81 Ofcrs Moreno and Cantley on their own initiative conducted surveillance of a known, hardcore gang member’s resid. This code -5 was initiated in order to apprehend a 187 (murder) suspect and to prevent a drive by shooting from the rival gang. During this surveillance the ofcrs sighted a gang member exit the residence with a loaded .22 cal auto handgun. The two ofcrs quickly deployed and directed other responding ofcrs in a manner that made it possible to apprehend the armed suspect, with a hostile crowed, without incident. Ofcrs Moreno and Cantley are to be commended for their attention to duty, initiative, utilization of safe tactics and their ability to quickly take charge and deploy other units in a outstanding manner. (Approved by Lt. Lynch)
Officer Involved Shooting

On November 8, 1975, Officer Moreno’s first test of the use of force and restraint came on his first ride-a-long while in the Los Angeles Police Academy. Officer Moreno was partnered with two seasoned Wilshire Division Officer’s, Brophy and Wilder. At 2155 hours our unit 7A77 received a 211 (Armed Robbery) Silent at 4222 Pico Blvd., (a Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant). (Excerpt) Ultimately one of two armed suspects exited the business employee door located directly onto the sidewalk. Our vehicles right front tire was W/B against the street-curb between the sidewalk and the business door. The armed suspect, Claude Milton (deceased) exited the door with a female employee hostage using her as a shield. Officer Moreno used the police vehicles right rear door for cover and was closest to the suspect and hostage. At one point Officer Moreno considered a head shot, however, the hostage’s position and movement made it much too dangerous to take the shot. At that precise moment a shot rang out from the left. A J-Car (Juvenile Police Vehicle) had just arrived and one of the plain clothes officers made a remarkable shot striking the suspect at which time the hostage reeled to the right and separated herself from the suspect. Instantly a hail of shot-gun and revolver fire opened up, 47 shots and 27 hits later, the suspect fell to the sidewalk dead. The other armed suspect surrendered and released the four additional hostages un-harmed. Officer Moreno was the only officer to check his fire.
Officer Involved Shooting

09/29/1977 (Excerpt) Again, Moreno ordered the suspect to drop the axe, this time the suspect advanced toward Moreno and Gambill, who were six feet away, and attempted to axe the officers. Faced with a serious threat to their lives and the lives of numerous innocent on-lookers, Officer Moreno fired three rounds, striking the suspect in the legs, and then both Moreno and Gambill disarmed the suspect and took him into custody. Officers Gambill and Moreno are commended for their attention to duty, common sense, and the ability to remain cool and calm under extremely stressful conditions, and their ability to control their gunfire which resulted in no loss of life or injuries to officers or innocent by-standers. Suspect Bell, Vincent (Commendation by Sgt Florez)
01/16/1994 Preliminary Press Report, Officer Involved Shooting

January 15, 1994, 2:30 a.m. (Excerpt) Bell then stepped out of the bank, raised the axe and walked directly towards Officer Patricia Belz, who fearing for her life, fired one round from her 9mm service pistol. Bell sustained a gunshot wound and fell to the pavement where he was taken into custody without further action. Bell was transported to Cedars-Sinai Hospital where he failed to respond to medical treatment and death was pronounced. (This is the same Bell shot by Officer Moreno in 1977.)
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 09/10/77

Ofcr patrolling area to suppress Grand theft Auto (GTA) occurrence observed a vehicle fail to proceed from posted stop sign. Because veh make, susps & hour of the day coincided with majority of GTA’s in area, ofcrs made a U-turn to investigate. The veh immediately started and the passenger threw out 2 guns from veh. Suspects were arrested for GTA & weapons recovery. Susps were tied to a gang-related shooting & were subsequently convicted of GTA & incarcerated by the courts. Ofcr is commended for knowledge of crime in the area, patrolling techniques, outstanding techniques and perseverance. (Approved by Sgt. Cunningham)
Los Angeles Police Department Rating Report Hollywood Division, Classification ‘Outstanding’ Closing Date 08/31/1978, Excerpts

Moreno has developed into one of Hollywood Area’s most outstanding officers. His hard work and effort directly resulted in the five commendations he rec’d during this rating period. His ability as a superior policeman is recognized by most Hollywood supervisors and this led to his selection for the Hollywood Area SPU (Special Problems Unit) prior to his transfer. He is now a well-rounded and experienced officer who will be an asset to any unit to which he is assigned.
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 10/21/78

(Excerpt) The officers heard the shots being fired and immediately surrounded and converged into the hillside area where the shots were heard to have come from. A vehicle containing two male and two female occupants were sighted speeding out of the hillside area and were stopped. A search of the vehicle revealed a hot to the touch .45 cal semi-auto containing an empty clip. All four persons in the veh were hardcore Hazard gang members. A follow up to the County Gen Hospital by additional crash officers located the victim. (Approving Supervisor Sgt Noetzel)
Recipient of the Police Star, 02/13/79

(Excerpt) Please accept my gratitude and sincere good wishes, Very Truly Yours Daryl F. Gates, Chief of Police.
05/17/79 ‘15.02’ Commendation

(1) On Sept. 9, 1978, you were commended for your attention to duty, tactics, and knowledge of the violent gang member within the area of your assignment. Your persistent efforts met with successful results when a 217 P.C. suspect was apprehended and taken into custody without incident following a foot pursuit. (2) On Oct. 21, 1978, you were commended for your alertness, outstanding deployment tactics, and outstanding arrest of four 217 P.C. suspects, crime scene investigation, and complete coordination and control of all areas of this case. (3) On Nov. 16, 1978, you were commended for your keen observation, attention to duty, and tactics used while apprehending a heavily armed suspect. (4) On March 2, 1979, you were commended for your job knowledge, attention to duty, and observation in the arrest of an ex-con with a gun. (Capt. Morrison)
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 08/25/79

Officers Moreno & Gonzalez recovered a 30.30 round from the drivers pocket and subsequently obtained a permissive search form the suspect’s vehicle trunk, recovering the rifle. (Approving Sup. Sgt. Noetzel)
Arrest of Wanted Shooting Gang-Member, 08/29/79

(Excerpt) On 8-29-79 a shots fired into an inhabited dwelling took place at 1917 Isabel St. in Northeast Division. The shooting took place as a result of a long history of gang violence between the Cypress Park and Avenues 43ed Street Gang. Officers were advised of the wanted named suspect Alan Nobregas. Officer took his twin brother into custody and persuaded him to cooperate in the investigation to avoid an armed field confrontation with his brother and officers. The suspect agreed and assisted the officer in locating his brother. Subsequently his brother was telephonically contacted resulting in his parents surrendering him into police custody. Nobregas confessed to the shooting and was sentenced to prison.
Arrest of Four Wanted Attempt Murder Suspects Commendation, 09/04/79

(Excerpt) Northeast CRASH Detective advised CRASH Officer that numerous futile attempts had been made to capture four “Cypress Park Chico’s” gang members wanted for Assault w/ a Deadly Weapon. Officers Moreno and Brinker worked the Cypress Park area and apprehend two of the wanted suspect. Upon return Officers telephonically contacted the other two suspect’s parents and persuaded them to surrender their sons to avoid a possible volatile field arrest situation. (Approving Supervisor Det. States)
01/11/80 ‘15.02’ Commendation

(1) Arresting an Attempted Murder Susp (2) Arresting four Attempted Murder Susp’s (3) Arresting an Armed Suspect and (4) Arresting an Ex-Con w/a Gun. (Approved by G.A. Morrison, Captain)
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 04/03/80

Ofcr’s Moreno and Menzel are to be commended for the arrest of two suspects for possession of a gun. The ofcrs keen observation no doubt stopped a shooting. (Approved by Sgt. Mazur)
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 05/22/80

(Excerpt) Both officers knew that there was a violent gang war between ‘Happy Valley’ and ‘Clover’ when the ofcrs approached the occupants they recognized the driver as a Clover gang member in Happy Valley territory and recalled the driver had been shot in the eye by a Happy Valley gang member on a previous occasion. Ofcrs recovered a sawed-off shotgun from the suspects. This arrest no doubt prevented another act of gang violence. (Approved by Sgt. Kennerson)
06/13/80 ‘15.02’ Commendation

(1) Persuaded an Attempted Murder Susp’s parent to surrender her son to avoid a possible violent field arrest situation (2) Arrested an armed gang member (3) Outstanding investigation in solving an Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Robbery case. (4) Arrested two suspects w/a gun that no doubt prevented a shooting. (Approved by Commander Morrison)
07/02/80 ‘15.02’ Commendation

(1) Arrested an armed gang-member (2) Arrested an armed gang member (3) For excellent rapport with the community that led to the arrest of an escapee felon (4) Arrested an armed gang member (Approved by Commander Morrison)
07/23/80, Citizen's Letter of Appreciation to our CRASH unit

(Excerpt) I would like to share with you my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your efforts in helping control gang related problems in our community. (Irma L. Herrera, Concerned Resident)
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 09/09/80

Officers Moreno and Brinker are to be commended for their attention to duty, and excellent tactics, gang expertise and sound judgment which resulted in the arrest without incident of an armed gang member. Officers were dispatched to investigate a report of a man with a gun at 7th and Broadway. Upon arrival at the location, officers were confronted by a large hostile group of “Westside 18th street gang members. The officers immediately deployed and took charge of the group. The excellent field tactics employed at this time in all likelihood prevented an officer Involved shooting. As the officers neared the group a female drew a loaded .22 caliber revolver from her pocket. The officer’s quick attention resulted in the disarming and arrest of the suspect without incident or injury. It should be noted that arrests of this type are the rule rather than the exception with these officers. (Approving Sup. G. Derenia)
Armed Suspect Arrest Commendation, 09/28/80

Ofcrs Moreno and Menzel responded to an ambulance shooting that revealed no shooting occurred. Ofcrs observed two vehicles leaving the location and stopped both to conduct field investigation. A search of the one veh found the driver, Robert Alvarez a known Ave 43 member, to be in possession of a fully loaded .22 Cal magnum revolver. The weapon was warm to the touch and produced residue indicating it was recently fired. (Approved by Sgt. Wynn)
Two Separate Gun Seizures in One P.M. Watch

On 12-19-80 Ofcr’s Moreno and McCorkle recovered two hand guns on two separate incidents. At 2040 hrs the Ofcr’s were interviewing gang members at 100 N. Utah when they sighted a loaded .45 cal. Auto pistol inside a veh. The weapon was booked into evidence. DR # 80-828662 At 2345 hours the Officers affected a traffic stop in the El Sereno area. During this investigation the Ofcr’s recovered a .45 cal. Auto. An investigation made it poss to arrest two susps for poss of the firearm. (Approved by Sgt. Kennerson) In this particular deployment period or month, Al set an unequaled precedent in the gang unit by arresting thirteen armed gang-members in as many days.
Letter from Monte Vista Street Elementary School, 03/26/81

Dear Captain Robert Smitson: On behalf of the parents and community of Monte Vista Street School I would like to take this opportunity to commend Officer Moreno. On Wednesday, March 25, 1981 Officer Moreno conducted a most informative presentation on the topic of a serious crime problem which has been occurring in our school community area. Several women have been raped by an individual utilizing a similar method of operation. Officer Moreno very effectively conveyed the concern of the Northeast Division regarding these acts of violence. He enlisted the cooperation of our community to assist Northeast police officers in the apprehension and subsequent arrest of the individual suspected in these crimes. His presentation was clear, concise and extremely instructive. In addition to conducting an outstanding discussion, Officer Moreno demonstrated a friendliness, concern and willingness to actively involve himself by the conveyance of information regarding this topic of urgent concern to our community. By presenting this topic to our P.T.A., Officer Moreno enthusiastically displayed his commitment to the importance of open communication between the Los Angeles Police Department and the community groups. The P.T.A. and the administration of Monte Vista Street School feels that positive experience such as this presentation will help to encourage cooperation and will, in addition, foster improved attitudes between the Los Angeles Police Department and members of our community. Again, I wish to commend Officer Moreno for his presentation and extend a personal “thank you” from our community. Sincerely, R.P. Enrique Andres J. Allen Principal Title I Coordinator
Los Angeles Police Rating Report, Operation Central Bureau CRASH Classification ‘Outstanding’ Closing Date 02/08/1981, Excerpts

During this rating period Officer Moreno was the top producing officer on P.M. Watch. His knowledge of street police work and his gang expertise consistently result in the apprehension of violent gang members and the seizure of numerous firearms.
Los Angeles Police Department Rating Report Operation, Central Bureau CRASH Classification ‘Outstanding’ Closing Date 08/31/1981, Excerpts

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