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Electronic Countermeasures

Global Investigations provides our clients with the following state-of-the-art electronic countermeasures for homes, vehicles, and businesses: A physical and electronic search for hidden radio transmitters and/or microphones with hard wires leading out of location. A physical and electronic search for a telephone series transmitter, which is a current activated R.F. transmitter placed in series with one side of the telephone line (this is most popular with local law enforcement).

A physical and electronic search for telephone parallel transmitters, which are connected across the telephone line pair. This unit provides its own power source through a battery, which makes them easier to locate. A physical and electronic search for induction coil pick-ups and non-isolated taps.

A physical and electronic search for telephone hookswitch bypasses. This method not only allows the monitoring of ongoing telephone conversations, but also allows monitoring of room conversation while the phone is hung in its cradle. There are many methods of hookswitch bypasses but most can be detected by an electronic search, which applies various high voltage currents to be telephone, or other methods.

A physical and electronic search infinity transmitters (also known as the Harmonica Bug). The infinity transmitter is a device that closes the telephone termination upon receipt of a tone signal, normally from a calling telephone.

In effect this answers the call before the ring signal is transmitted by the telephone exchange. From this point on, conversations in the room are monitored by the infinity transmitter from any direct-dial telephone anywhere in the United States. This is a commonly used industrial wire tap.

A physical and electronic search for the third wire bypass and the spare pair bypass.

A physical and electronic search for units which consist of a transmitter, microphone, and power supply built into a double electrical outlet for direct replacement of the existing 110 V.A.C. wall outlet normally used in all residences and businesses. This device may use the airwaves or the electrical system itself to monitor residence conversation. In some of these electronic searches, a check will be made up to 30,000 megahertz. Most commercial spectrum analyzers reach a peak of only 1000 megahertz. A feedback device may also be used to locate transmitters that may be transmitting from a room or from a telephone.

Vehicles can also be checked for any audio or tracking devices.

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