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Al Adams Moreno, the founder of Global Investigations & VIP Security Services, has devoted his life to keeping people safe, to uncovering the truth, and to righting injustice.

Al served in the Vietnam War with the United States Marines Corps (India Company, Third Battalion, Seventh Marine Regiment, First Marine Division). As a Lance Corporal, Al served concurrently as Radio Operator and Fire Team Leader; in 1969 he received a commendation for outstanding performance of duty: “As a result of his diligence and seemingly unlimited resourcefulness, he gained the respect and admiration of all who observed him.” The commendation goes on to note that his “resolute determination, professional competence and loyal devotion to duty were in keeping with the finest traditions of the United States Marine Corps.”

These qualities defined Al in every aspect of his life and career after the Marines as well, qualities you will find when you work with Global Investigations: a tireless determination to uncover the truth, unparalleled professionalism in even the toughest situations, and a passionate commitment to the job at hand.

After the war, Al returned to the United States and completed his Associate’s Degree in Administration of Justice with Cerritos College, finishing this two-year degree in 18 months. Al soon joined the Los Angeles Police Department, and due to his unique and outstanding police record, Al was selected to work in several specialized units within the department. Al was one of 40 police officers chosen from the ranks of the entire LAPD to launch what became the nation’s premiere specialized anti-gang unit, Operations Control Bureau C.R.A.S.H. (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums).

Al Moreno (far right) at his LAPD graduation ceremony

While assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department’s gang unit, Al Moreno not only led his unit in arrests, but he was also frequently commended for his uncanny ability to arrest heavily armed suspects without the use of lethal force. His Bi-Annual Los Angeles Police Department Rating Reports and field commendations often noted this ability: “Regardless of how hectic the situation may be, Moreno never compromises completeness for speed. Officer Moreno displays particular skill when handling armed suspects, as he recovers more weapons in the field than any other C.R.A.S.H. officer yet has avoided involvement in an Officer-Involved Shooting.”

In 1986, Al Moreno founded Global Investigations & VIP Security Services, expanding his life’s mission of justice and security into the private sector. In addition to private investigative services, Global Investigations offers a wide range of security services for businesses and individuals. Al and his highly skilled team have successfully closed unsolved cases all over the world, bringing to bear years of experience with every level of law enforcement.

Al and his team bring more than just military and police training to their clients’ needs: they have an unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth, a passion to protect the safety and the security of every person, and they have the unique experience and skills needed to get the job done professionally and effectively.

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